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Why trim the wick?  Trimming your wick will optimize length of time your candle will burn, reduce mushrooming of the wick, which will produce less carbon (soot or black smoke) that is omitted.  

Why coconut wax? Coconut Wax is a renewable, high yield crop. This makes it a great sustainable product.  It also does a great job at burning slowly and holding scent well!  

Hand Crafted? What does that mean? All of our candles are poured in my home.  The wax is melted, fragrance is mixed in and poured, 5-10 candles at a time. I spent several months testing wick sizes, fragrance percentages, vessels, and scents. Everything down to the size of the label and how well it peels away is important to me.  I've gone through a lot of options to come up with this glorious collection of products. 

What sets us apart from the large box stores? Everything. We are using vegan, carcinogen/toxin/mutagen free wax.  Our fragrance oil and wax are both phthalate free - which are endocrine disrupters and contain carcinogens. CD wicks are a  flat braided cotton wick with paper threads woven into the cotton. They are lead and zinc free.

Lastly, I care about the end result.  I want you to be happy with the product you purchase and put in your home. I don't have a corperation of people putting this all togheter for you. You are supporting a small business, and the people that have thoughtfully taken the time to make something that is awesome.